Mazzer Kony Electronic

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Mazzer Kony Electronic Grinder

Mazzer is a leading company for the manufacture of coffee grinders, grinder-dosers and accessories. Its products are distributed in 90 countries worldwide and are well known for quality, reliability and design.

The Mazzer Kony Electronic grinder is different from the Major Grinder with the introduction of conical blades. With the addition of these blades the motor size has been decreased and the speed slowed down. Conical blades enable a faster grind than flat blades due to the different cutting process and with the reduced speed of the blades less heat is distributed over the coffee. The slower speed of the motor does not slow production, in fact, the Kony produces ground coffee faster than the Major. This unit can be used in a café consuming 10-20kg per week as a main grinder or a very strong and consistent second grinder. It includes stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment ensuring easy and consistent adjustments to grind size. On-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment and single and double dose with independent adjustment. The digital display with shot counter is high quality, easy to read and durable. The Kony also includes the ventilation device with electronic control to keep the motor cool.

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Mazzer Kony Electronic Coffee Grinder

Grind 10-20kg of coffee per week with the Kony Electronic

Dimensions (mm) H650W240


Weight 20kgs
Hopper Capacity 1.3kgs
Blades / Burrs 63mm Conical
Motor Power 450 Watts
Voltage 240
Colour Black
Country of Origin Italy
RRP Price ex gst $2,545.00