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Supplying the coffee industry with quality machinery is our business

United Supplies is a family run business and for over 30 years we have provided top boutique equipment, accessories, parts and technical support. Everyday we trial new machines, improve our supply channels, gain feedback from our customers and deepen our bond with this amazing industry, coffee.

We work with both commercial and domestic customers including roasters, cafes and baristas. We look to support all customers who love coffee and need the right equipment to make their coffee taste amazing.

In addition to selling equipment we provide technical support to ensure your coffee machine is always in top working order. Our service team provide phone support, back to base repairs and onsite servicing for both commercial and domestic customers.

If you need advice on the best coffee or tea equipment for your needs then contact United Supplies. Our team love the industry and enjoy detailing or demonstrating machinery or accessories.


We specialise in high-end boutique coffee equipment and accessories and always provide competitive prices for our customers.

Finding the right equipment can be difficult without some expert advice. Our team of machinery experts are always happy to talk about machinery or if you want to drop into our showroom then they can provide a demonstration.

We sell both commercial and domestic machinery and accessories to ensure we have the whole coffee industry covered.

Contact us today to discuss your machinery needs!

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United Supplies technicians not only install and service your equipment but provide phone support to help reduce your service bills.

We want all our customers to love their equipment as much as we do and we know this means you need help in maintaining the equipment.

Ask today for a service or any technical questions you have on your equipment. Even if you purchased it from another company we are happy to service your equipment.

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