Milkit Single Milk Tap System

$3,839.00 (incl. GST)


Milkit is an innovative milk tap system that has been developed specifically with cafés in mind. Using leading technology, Milkit delivers a fast and cost effective solution for cafés to achieve milk dose consistency, maintain milk integrity and improve barista workflow.

The Milkit milk tap system has been designed to be easily installed onto an existing café bench top and refrigeration unit. Once connected and utilising 10 litre milk bladders, it’s simple to pre-set the volume of milk dispensed for a half jug, full jug or use the manual setting to customise milk volume.

The unit is available in two configurations; Single Milk Tap and Dual Milk Tap. The Single Milk Tap dispenses one milk variety.

The system is proudly supported by Riverina Fresh™ with the availability of convenient 10 litre bags of Gold, Full Cream and Light milk.

Why we love the Milkit milk tap system

Improves Productivity
With just a press of a button milk can be quickly and accurately dispensed, freeing up a barista to do other tasks whilst the milk is being poured. Time is saved from handling milk bottles and ensures a clean, efficient coffee making process.

Milk Integrity
Milkit is a bench top milk system connected to a refrigerated milk bag. It provides consistent delivery of fresh chilled milk directly into the milk jug. By reducing exposure to light and temperature the system delivers improved taste and functional performance in specialty coffee.

Reduces Waste
It’s simple to pre-set the volume of milk dispensed for a half jug, full jug or use the manual setting to customise milk volume. Dispensing accurate volumes of milk as needed reduces milk waste that can easily occur when pouring manually from milk bottles.

Hygienically Clean
It’s a mess free milk tap solution developed with strict hygiene standards. It has a Clean In Place (CIP) semi-automated cleaning cycle so it’s easy to keep clean and sanitised.

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Milkit Single Milk Tap
Key Feature One Milk Tap dispenses one milk variety
Voltage 230V
Related Power 76.8W
Frequency 47-63Hz
Flow Rate 3 litres per minute
Height 363.1mm
Width 154mm
Weight 6.8kg
Construction Stainless Steel
Warranty 12 Months (Parts only)