Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Digit

$12,551.00 (incl. GST)

The Aurelia II line has been designed with all the most important factors in mind: the barista, the customer and the owner all get the best possible experience. Nuova Simonelli machines are known for their durability, their precision and since the Aurelia II, their incredible list of features.

Aurelia II machines allow for unprecedented accuracy in temperature control, regardless of workload or environmental conditions. Through the display, the water temperature of each group can be controlled individually and in real time. On Digit, T3 versions only.

The Aurelia II was designed to be the most ergonomical machine possible. The work surface is evenly lit, while the back is angled so the barista can see the espresso coming out of the portafilter, while LED lighting (optional) at the steam wand illuminates the milk in the pitcher.

The different Aurelia II versions can easily meet any combination of volume and quality requirements. They can be set up to cater to any combination of customer preferences, barista skills and environmental scenarios. There are four different versions total, and three different sizes: Semi-automatic, Volumetric, Digit, T3.

Baristas can regulate the pump without requiring a technician and the auto steam wand enables anyone to make thick and velvety milk foam, always at the right temperature. SIS is an exclusive system developed by the Nuova Simonelli research center which controls pre-infusion at low pressure, compensating for tamping inconsistencies, making it easier to pull better shots consistently. Featured on all Aurelia II models. Automatic group flushing system, Extraction mirror to view the extraction, Optional cool touch steam wands, Optional Spotlight LED for the milk pitcher, Optional Multicolor LCD display, Optional PTFE coated filter holders

2 group 3 group
Power 20 amp 25 amp
Single Phase Yes Yes
Voltage 240v 240v
Dimensions (mm) H565






Weight (kg) 76kg 90kg
Steam Boiler
(Pure Copper)
14L 17L
Coffee Boiler
(Thermal Insulated Stainless Steel)
Pressure Stat Yes Yes
Gauge (boiler) Yes Yes
Cool Touch Wand No No
Auto Cleaning Program Yes Yes