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The ultimate in espresso water filtration. This adjustable, ion-selective filter allows you to tailor carbonate hardness levels to match your desired water recipe.

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Breakthrough technology offers balanced alkalinity and mineral composition.

The Claris Ultra’s first-in-the-world technology is an engineering breakthrough and features a two-step process that combines partial hydrogen softening and sequestering:

Step 1: Softening – Ion Exchange: Alkalinity softener and decarbonisation.

Step 2: Sequestering – Stabilizes mineral content using sequestering anions.

The result is a balanced alkalinity and mineral composition in water, with stable and close-to-neutral pH which helps prevent limescale formation. The process delivers the ideal ingredient water for enhancing coffee flavors and aiding in the proper extraction of the coffee bean and grind.

Adjustable, DUOBLEND bypass valve allows for the precise adjustment of carbonate hardness – tailor hardness levels to meet your desired water recipe.

Claris Ultra offers higher capacities versus traditional Claris due to its added sequestering agent which allows more blended water to go through the DUOBLEND bypass, putting less stress on the resin thus slowing its exhaustion.

Solution features a unique 5-stage filtration process:

  1. Prefiltration removes coarse particles
  2. Carbonate hardness adjustment through an ion exchange process
  3. Fine filtration
  4. Highly efficient carbon block removes harmful contaminants and unpleasant tastes and odors
  5. Solid membrane filter removes particles down to 5 µm for the highest levels of equipment protection
ESTIMATED CAPACITY 7000 Litres @ 150ppm Carbonate Hardness
MAXIMUM FLOW RATE 4 Litres per minute
DIMENSIONS Height: 351mm Diameter: 133mm


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